Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon requesting your first booking with Dog In Black, you will receive a Client Form, all fields are to be filled in with transparency and in as much detail as possible.
    You will be responsible for informing Dog In Black of any changes to the information contained within the form.
  2. All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations.
    If you have any queries regarding whether your dog needs to be vaccinated, please contact your veterinary practice.
  3. In case of vet visitation, the parent of the dog is responsible for the fees of the visit/treatment
  4. It is the responsibility of the dog parent(s) to inform and update Dog In Black of any behavioural or health concerns their dog may have.
    This can be done using the Client Form or contact enquiries@doginblack.co.uk
  5. Special dietary requirements and allergies must be added into the Client Form.
  6. The postcode provided on the Client Form will be the location the dog will be picked up and dropped off at. For Clients who require their dog to be picked up or dropped off at a different location, we will strive to meet these requests where we can but an additional fee will be applied.
  7. Delays incurred as a result of the clients’ negligence will incur a charge. (ie: Unable to access the property)
  8.  Our Dog Carers’ working hours are: 9:30am – 8pm on weekdays and 11am – 5pm on weekends. Bookings which require ‘extended hours’ (outside of our Dog Carers’ working hours) will incur a charge (£10 per hour)
  9. All communications regarding bookings (including changes to bookings and cancellations) must be made by emailing bookings@doginblack.co.uk

  10.  All feedback regarding Dog In Black’s services and staff must be submitted as set out in our Complaints Policy

Booking and payment information

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Placing a booking via the website or enquiries@doginblack.co.uk
Bookings are to be considered a ‘reservation request’, meaning the user making the booking has requested that we reserve the time and resources required to fulfil their request.
Booking Confirmation and space reserved
You will receive an email to confirm that your booking has been confirmed and the space reserved. You will receive an invoice from Stripe asking you to pay for the requested services. (Clients' have 24 hours to pay for the service/s they've requested before they lose their reservation, unless they have booked on the day - see below)
Payment and booking accepted
Once a payment has been made you will receive a receipt from Stripe to confirm that your booking has been paid. Bookings which remain unpaid up to 24 hours after care will be liable to an automated payment for the outstanding fee.
Bookings made on the day
If confirmed by Dog In Black, the invoice must be paid for before the booking time.

Cancelation Policy

Any bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment are non-refundable.

Any bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled appointment will receive a 50% refund.

This applies to all bookings placed with Dog In Black including subscription bookings.

If a booking is not cancelled within the timeframe set out in the Cancellation Policy, the Client is obligated to pay for the service, even if an invoice has not yet been generated.

If we are unable to fulfil your booking you will receive a cancellation email.

If your booking is not placed 24 hours before your booking is required to be carried out you may not receive a cancellation email.

Dog In Black has the right to add, change or vary its Terms & Conditions at any time.