Day Care

Dog Day Care gives your pooch the opportunity to exercise, train, play and socialise with other pooch pals for up to 6 hours.

Collection time: 10-11am

Drop off time: 3-4pm

Your fur baby will be picked up, cared for and dropped home by one of our fully vetted and trained Day Carers. Our Day Carers have been trained to Dog In Black’s standard and have extensive knowledge of dog handling; and are familiar with dog friendly facilities such as parks, beaches and safe walking routes . They’ll also take care of feeding responsibilities in the home, where permissible. Pooches are taken out in groups of 3 to ensure that your fur baby is given the highest quality of care, time and attention.


Doggy Day Care


4 Hours

Collection Time: 10-11am
Drop Off Time: 3-4pm

One of our vetted Day-Carers will thoroughly and attentively care for your pooch for the day (4 hours); providing endless opportunities for fun, socialising and stimulation.

£35.00 – £45.00


We offer indoor and outdoor sessions, please read the descriptions below to see which option is best for your pooch.

Outdoor Day Care

Your pooch will be picked up between the collection times and taken out for the day. Our Day Carers have extensive knowledge of dog friendly walking routes and outdoor spaces where your pooch can play and socialise ‘til their heart’s content.

Time Activity
10:00- 11:00
11:00- 12:30

90-minute park hopping to one of the listed parks:

  • Finsbury Park    
  • Hackney Marshes
  • Haggerston Park
  • Ion Square Gardens
  • London Fields
  • Ravenscroft Park
  • Shoreditch Park
  • Springfield Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Weaver's Fields
13:00- 13:30

30 minutes of basic training.

This is for all dogs to help polish their skills. Increasing personal development and brain stimulation

14:00- 15:00
30-minute walk down the canal to the next closet park
14:00- 15:00

1-hour toy play.

We offer a variety of toys for pooches to play with; frisbees, noise toys, tug of war, chew toys and balls.

15:00- 16:00

Drop Off

We will head back towards your local area, following the safest route home.

Suitable For:

  • Active Pooches who love the outdoors
  • Puppies who need socialisation
  • Pooches who love to play and socialise with their pooch pals/people

Indoor Day Care

Your pooch will be cared for in the Day Carer’s home and taken for regular walks throughout the session, fed if necessary and have endless play with their pooch pals and toys.

Time Activity
10:00- 11:00
Collection - Dropped at day carers home
12:00 - 13:00

Midday Walk

13:00 - 14:00

1-hour play / stimulation

We offer a variety of toys for your pooch to play with; noise toys, tug of war, chew toys, activity flip boards and balls

14:00- 15:00

Short toilet break before being dropped home

15:00- 16:00

Drop Off

Suitable For:

  • Pooches who prefer company over being alone
  • Fur babies who like regular walks but cannot be out all day
  • House trained puppies who require socialisation

(Prices vary for more than 1 dog from the same household and larger breeds. There is an additional fee for weekend bookings)

To request a booking, fill in the form below by selecting the day(s) using the calendar or email us on

Payment method will be sent once booking has been confirmed via email.

(All bookings incur a 35% premium over Christmas, New Years & Easter)

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