about us

Dog in Black prides itself as being a family-run dog care company; with a combined experience of 12 years providing dog walking, day care, boarding and sitting services. 

We believe we have an excellent understanding of the industry the level of detail and care needed to offer the highest quality services.

Dog in Black’s principal aims are to provide personalised dog care to our pack members and a friendly, professional and reliable service to dog parents.

Based in East London, we have an established presence in Tower Hamlets, Poplar, Hackney and Islington, This has been built over time by word of mouth and recommendations.

We aspire to be the dog Walkers, Sitters and Day Carers of choice across London

The Dog in Black family consist of a team of caring, hardworking and dedicated individuals, committed to going the extra mile in order to provide a service which is unrivalled.
Our carers have a genuine passion for what they do. They care for and treat the Dog In Black pack as if they were their own.

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your pooch is a fundamental principle of what Dog in Black are about; our dog carers are DBS Checked / Security vetted, trained to a high standard and must abide by Dog in Black’s Code of Conduct.

We are fully insured and accredited with certificates in Pet First Aid, Animal Welfare and Animal Handling, so pooch parents can have complete peace of mind that their pooch is in safe hands.

Dog carers are security vetted and DBS checked
Professional, friendly and reliable dog carers
professional friendly and reliable
Dog carers have been security vetted, DBS certified and continuously trained to Dog In Black’s high standard
Enthusiastic and dedicated approach
Enthusiastic and dedicated approach to providing quality dog care
Free meet and greet
Free meet and greet
Ongoing training for your pooch
Ongoing training for your pooch
Off leach tracking
Off leach tracking

Why Choose Dog In Black

Regular message and photo updates
Regular message and photo updates
Maximum 3 Pooches per walk
Maxmum of 3 pooches per walk
Fresh water and feed at no extra charge
Fresh water and feeding on every walk, at no extra cost
Commitment to becoming the leading in industry
Dog in Black’s commitment to becoming industry rolemodels leading by best practice
Pick up and drop off service available
Pick up and drop off service available
Tailored made care
Tailor made care to meet your pooches individual need

Why Choose Dog In Black

our story

The Boss Of Dog In Black

My name is Kush, my parents’ names are Madika and Nikita. I am a cross breed – Chihuahua, Pomeranian and Husky; my parents are, half human and half pain in my bottom. My parent, Madika, is very precious about my behaviour, constantly bossing me around and getting me to learn new tricks; what she doesn’t know is that sometimes I pretend to not remember so I can get more praise and treats.

Now I am all grown up – 4 human years and 28 dog years to be exact- I have decided to make use of all the skills I have accumulated over the years and start my own company, Dog In Black.

When my parents came to collect me, they were not made aware that I was a little genius who lived as a wise old man in my past life there was nothing that they could tell me that I didn’t already know.

When I moved into my first home, my parents used to stay with me all the time, then one of them started to go somewhere every day without me (they call it “work”).  I was upset at first but my other parent used to take me everywhere she went.

 I used to wake up nice and early, 4am every morning bursting to go to the toilet and my parent, Madika used to take me for a stroll around the canal for an hour; which I’m sure she used to enjoy, although she would complain the whole way along and tell me to stay by her side, pee, poo and stop trying to bite people who would walk past.

We would go out every day and play in the park with sticks, balls, other dogs and she would even bring my favourite toy, the Frisbee!

We were only be allowed to play after I did 20 minutes of training on every walk. She was very strict, but I got lots of treats, praise and love for being a good boy, so I didn’t mind.

As I got older, we started to go on really long walks 4am – 7am then I would go home to have my breakfast and a nap. We would then head back out from 11am – 5pm. When I got home, I would have my dinner and then it would be straight to bed for me.

On our long walks we would meet lots of new dog buddies and cool but scary humans, unfortunately I do not like many humans, so I wasn’t allowed close enough to properly meet them, which is a shame because I never had the chance to play chase with them. 

I started off with two buddies called Angel and Ziggy, they’re really cool chihuahua’s and we still hang out now.

My pack kept growing and now I have more awesome buddies called Casper, Sukie, Jake, Max, Al, Flora and many more. They are all different sizes and breeds, but they are all my pack family; our differences make us the coolest pooches in East London.

Now I run this company and attend a lot of the walks to ensure the humans are on their best behaviour, looking after all my buddies and ensuring we are all safe and having fun! I hope to grow my business and spend the rest of forever with my growing pack family and their humans. Spread the word and let your parents know you want to join us on our adventures!

The Founder Of Dog In Black

My name is Madika, I share the role of parent with Nikita and my little bundle of trouble is called Kush.

We collected Kush as a puppy, he was a really intelligent dog, very easy to train and extremely adorable, it was love at first bite. As parents, we dedicated our full attention to giving Kush the best start in life and as time went on my connection with him grew and grew. Nikita and I both took time off of work to care for him, we would spend all day training, playing and caring for his every need, unfortunately Kush was a sickly pup, so he needed a lot more attention. Kush also had a fear of people and no matter how much training we did with him he would not take to anyone but us.

His fear of people made it very hard to find a walker to care for him whilst we were at work, which meant working a 9 to 5 was no longer an option for me. I had taken on this adorable responsibility and wanted to keep him as happy as he could possibly be, so I made the decision to quit my job and care for my pup while Nikita went back to work


Puppies are much like babies, they eat, whine, pee, sleep and repeat! Kush had a habit of waking us up at 4am to go to the toilet. We would go on short walks at 4am as Kush seemed to love to be out early hours of the morning. We started noticing that he loved being out for long periods of time and when he was at home he would lay or sit on the balcony howling, looking out at the big wide world, so we gradually extended his walks, 4am – 7am and then again from 11am – 5pm. He would come home eat his dinner and go straight to bed, he seemed much happier and was slowly becoming more adjusted to people. People thought I was crazy to be out for such long lengths of time but I am extremely adventurous. I love the outdoors and being at one with nature, so being outside was as enjoyable for me as it was for him. They do say dogs are like their owners!

Kush was very playful and troublesome, he was also constantly coming down with new illnesses so we would spend a lot of time training him, researching new ways to train him and natural remedies to cure his illnesses.

This gave me an insight on different dog breeds, behavioural problems and causes for them, it was helping me improve my knowledge of my dog and other dogs. I put what I had learnt to use and started taking online courses, behaviour training, first aid, learning how to make dog-friendly natural remedies and healthy homemade dog treats and many more great courses.

Whilst out on walks with Kush, we would meet lots of other doggy parents who were always happy to stand and chat with me. Kush being his usual troublesome self attracts a lot of attention, his huge personality and strange look led people to want to come over, (not that this is what he wanted as his fear of people remained)

Over time Kush made multiple friends through out Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Wapping, Poplar and Islington, we were constantly asked if people could join us on our adventures and we were more than happy for them to.

This sparked an idea for me to start doing Adventure Days, taking other dogs with me on our journeys around London, which was company for Kush and giving other pooches the opportunity to get some fresh air and positive energy whilst their doggy parents were at work, I offered this free of charge as I got enough joy from seeing both my pooch and others enjoying themselves.

Our Adventure Days were getting overbooked and this is when I decided to make a business out of my profound love of dogs, the outdoors and bringing happiness to pooches and their parents.

I started my company  ‘Dog In Black’,  Kush and I taking to the streets of London walking pooches of all breeds and sizes, our reputation building fast through word of mouth and our faces becoming more known in the local areas. We are now a continuously growing team of walkers, boarders and sitters.

My aim is to create an environment where both clients and walkers feel as if they are joining a family and not just a company. We would like to expand to other areas and other parts of Europe, partnering with rescue centres and working to ensure every dog who graces our presence leaves feeling our endless love.

areas covered

Based in East London we have established presence through the following areas:

Bethnal Green E1, E2
Bow E3
Dalston E8, N16
De Beauvoir Town N1

Haggerston E2, E8, N1
Hoxton East E2, N1
Poplar E14
Hackney Wick E9

Hoxton West N1
Islington EC1R
Shoreditch E1
Victoria Park E9

If your area is not covered on this list, please contact us and we will try our very best to accommodate.